the goddess - 2006-11-07 10:41:29
Oh, that poor baby. I am SO pissed at who ever his pediatrician was, that didn't realive all this time that there was THAT much fluid behind his ears or EVER called to your attention the delay in his speech. That is a HUGE indicator that there could be something with his hearing. My guess is probably because he puts up such a fuss about having his ears checked that they didn't take the time. From what I hear, getting tubes is something that is a fairly easy procedure. I know that probably doesn't ease your mind about the idea of him being sedated, but try not to stress to much. The upside is that it will improve his hearing and maybe resolve some of the acting out he had been doing. But again, try to relax. Things will be fine. I am however lauging at the visual of your son opening his mouth when they get the light thingy to check his ears. That is TOO cute. I bet you guys were just laughing

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