Freaky Deaky - 2008-08-03 17:04:11
Leave that chick alone! Now everyone is going to be scared to dress all slutty (or a hot ass mess) because they might end up on the Internet. Damn YouTube and Hot Ghetto Mess. LOL! Now her friend in the plaid shorts, got any video of her? What?!
Kasandra - 2008-08-05 02:31:49
I wasn't about to do it but my brother dared me. Couldn't pass that up!!!!
The Second Sixty-Eight - 2008-08-07 05:59:33
You are just plain crazy for this. Although I do agree that she should have never thought of it.
Kasandra - 2008-08-07 15:13:48
So I've been told. LOL!!! Welcome.
The Goddess - 2008-08-11 03:42:00
OH MY GOODNESS!!! No she didn't!!! Shoot, I need to start walking around video taping people looking a hot mess. I can start at my job too cause the girls walk around thinking they look so fly. I think I may really have to do this.

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