sheena - 2007-02-14 10:57:43
He is so cute. I was the same way when I got my digital camera. I haven't stop taking any pictures since.
the god - 2007-02-15 22:40:01
Your son is gonna be pissed when he gets older if he finds out you placed him on the net for everyone to see his nakedness. I am glad you got a camera. Capture your moments for us all to see.
Kasandra - 2007-02-15 22:42:16
All I can tell him is....I couldn't resist, he's just so darn cute. You think that will work?
The Goddess - 2007-02-24 15:40:50
Oh my gosh! How cute! I was gonna say the same thing my hubby said about the nakedness. I think all parents take those pictures. We have tons of pics with the baby and a super soapy afro. I agree with you. It is hard to resist. LOL

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