the god - 2007-01-10 02:27:27
Gosh Durn Teens...Your sister trying to handle her daughter is like shutting the gate after the cattle already escaped. A child can runaway from home but if they do some bullshit out there your sister will be legally responsible. The system is set up so funky; that you can't win from losing. I don't know if the law still allows it...but if your sisters daughter is gonna keep running away and perhaps get in trouble..she can let the daughter be emancipated and she won't be responsible for her. We went through hell and back with the goddesses oldest flockling...the most you can do besides going crazy is wait till they are 18 and kick their ass out. Or if she has the money seek counseling...but you can't help someone who does not think they need help.
Kasandra - 2007-01-10 11:34:41
Well I talked to my sis about gettin her some counseling and she's lettin her fuckin pride get in the way of that!!! But if your daghter get's caught up with some trouble or perhaps a baby, then how is your pride when your gonna be a grandmother in your early 30's!!!???

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