The Goddess - 2006-08-28 23:44:18
Maaannnnn! Parent's are a trip. They feel like they have a PHD when it comes to raising children and wont let you even wipe your childs BUTT without giving you detailed instructions. I would politely tell your mother that her advise is appreciated but you are an adult with your OWN child and to only give advise when solicited. I understand the car thing. You pay for it so it's your choice who you decide to let or not let drive it. Me however, I let someone borrow my car about 5 years ago and they totalled it. It wasn't even a year old and had less than 10,000 mi on it. Now, if anyone (except The God) even so much as LOOKS at the driver seat, they get cursed out.
sunshine - 2006-09-01 14:47:07
Missy-Parents conveniently forget the bull--- they did while 'we" were growing up. Just remember to do YOU- You are raising your son, not your momma.

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