eb0nie - 2006-07-18 15:36:27
I filed bankruptcy last year before all the laws took place. To file they are going to have to go through all kinds of stuff. Some even make you take a money manging class. They will examine every thing, all the money you make, all the money the people in your house make, what you spend your money one. What could you sell in your house to get money EVERYTHING. If your sister has a car in your name they will ask you do you want to keep the car. I think they give you that option. Depending on how much you owe you could keep the car and the car loan would be discharged during the hearing. You will have to go to court and make a statement. Make sure you do your bankruptcy with a lawyer. If he charge more thant $800 including layer fees, court filing fees then you need to find another layer. Thats all the advice I have for now. Im broke too but I only have to worry about paying car lights and rent. Everything else can wait.

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